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Researchers at Stanford University have found that overweight adults who followed a low-fat or low-carbohydrate diet tailored to their genetic predisposition and biological makeup were not more successful at shedding pounds than the groups that followed the same two diets, but without the customization for these predispositions. The findings were published in Feb. 20 in the journal JAMA.

So then, why does Shivam Parikh recommend or promote DNA Diet. Well the honest truth is we recommended a mixed diet one that is DNA conscious and at the same time also considers normal diet protocols to give you a much better chance at gaining or losing weight as per your requirements. By mixing both models we have been able to bring around a much better combination that will lead to faster and more effective results.


 A person’s genes don’t actually have an effect on how well certain diets might work, which runs contrary to what some “personalized nutrition” companies and so called experts may claim. So DNA DIET by Shivam Parikh, eliminates the myths and works to offer a combination cure to help reach your targets through honest, ethical means to offer you the best care, treatment and overall diet plan and weight management program in Ahmedabad. DNA Diet by Shivam Parikh offers Ahmedabad’s best weght loss or gain program, through an effective team of Weight Management Specialists ,Metabolic experts ,Nutrigenomic dietitians, and Nutritionists all under one roof in Ahmedabad.

Orange Juice

Very health and recommended in the morning instead of having coffee and tea. We recommend this for our customers. Rich in Vitamin C

Tomato Juice

As the name suggests, it is made from tomatoes and extremely healthy. Can be served in the morning as an alternative to orange guice or during lunch time.

Green Boost

Powerful with anti oxidants, this can give you energy and make you feel like Iron Man. Metabolism boosts can be expected if its a dose of Spinach juice and you may feel like Popeye for a while!

BerrY Good

Super fruits when mixed together become a great combination of high dosage of vitamins that cane help you get through a day feeling relaxed and happy. Strawberry for example is 97% vitamin C. That’s more than can orange could provide you!

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So why do other DNA diet experts keep recommending their systems to be working? In a previous study also conducted by Stanford in USA, of 100 overweight women, Stanford researchers found that women who followed a low-fat or low-carb diet that matched their genotype lost 2-3 times more weight after one year than did women on diets that were a mismatch for their genetics.

Even though the previous study used the same genotype patterns that were tested in the new study, researchers were not able to confirm the results in the larger study. The new research papers now indicate that a mixture is recommended. However many DNA diet experts are unable to go back on their statement to customers and continue to push forward that DNA diets are the way to go, even though proven inconclusive.

DNA Diet by Shivam Parikh takes the latest facts into consideration, updating to the latest and best practices for diet management in India and offers its customers a truly holistic approach offering the best DNA diet considering the non DNA side that we also include into our packages making it the most nutritious and honestly amongst the best DNA diet 

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